Friday, September 18, 2009


I had a date tonight! my son and I went out to dinner. we dropped my daughter off at a friend's house for a sleepover and my son and I then went out to dinner. we had talked about dairy queen, as he loves the grilled cheese (go figure). I then tried to convince him we needed to go to el lala (you know where!). he wouldn't have it. I suggested we go to el lala and THEN to dairy queen for dessert but nope, he won. so in we go..we both ordered a kid's meal. J ordered the grilled cheese, which, by the way, look like they were made on a waffle machine. they have the cute square pattern on them...and the great thing about kid's meals? they come with a free DQ snack (dilly bar, cone or sandwich) or a $1 off coupon for a blizzard.

we ate our dinner..I had the kid's meal chicken tender with fries, thank you...and then vacillated between DQ treats or blizzards. we finally decided on the blizzards..especially since there is a new flavor of called cookie jar..which has both oreo and cookie bits in it. AND then to add more happiness to a good evening, the mediums were selling for the price of a small. so not only did we save the dollar from the coupon but then they were the price of smalls. J and I sat and ate our blizzards in bliss.

what a nice date with my son. ((hearts))


Mom of Three said...

For those of you that don't know what "el lala"'s a Mexican restaurant that is actually called El Azteca!

Why can't you remember that, That Girl!?!

iteach7 said...

That's ok. I went to a Mexican place called el potrillo the other might. When I mentioned it to that girl, she thought I said alpo trio. Go figure!

that girl said...

these comments are making me laugh. thanks so much!!