Wednesday, June 24, 2009


how does one fit all they need to accomplish into one stinking day? or even two or three for that matter? we will soon be leaving to travel to WI to celebrate my little brother's wedding. family and friends are spending the week prior there to hang out, catch up, drink some beer and wine, whine, swim, visit and relax. then on the 4th, my little brother will marry a wonderful girl, K.

so why is it I am on the computer, complaining about all I have to do when I need to be eating lunch in the mere 50 I am home before leaving for a hair cut for H? after which I leave to pick up my bridesmaid dress that was altered, then to the store for a birthday present and some essentials for the trip...and I have already had a DR appt this morning, too. so much on my brain....

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