Saturday, April 11, 2009


I recently took a quiz on facebook entitle, "Which element are you?" with the result Earth. do any of you agree with the outcome of the quiz?

~As Earth you are the simplest of the elements (and that is no insult). You are loyal, reliable, trustworthy and a stable entity from which all other things earthly may live and grow. You create environments in which learning, living and loving is possible when you are at your best. At your worst, though, is another story. When you are upset it is something that is felt by all those touched by you. Your world becomes barren and dry, and those who depend on you begin to wither. The weight of others you bear alone is enough to drive many of the other elements insane. Your place in the world: To foster growth in others, which ultimately results in growth in yourself..


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Didn't take the quiz but it sounds like you, especially when you are out of sorts.
Love, Mom