Sunday, March 01, 2009

I just got the craziest, funniest message from an old friend of mine. we went to high school together and then for a few years we also attended the same college. I am sure many of you have heard of the new phenomenon:


it has been incredible! i have been in touch with so many people from elementary, middle and high school. people who once were a part of my life. now, some many argue that it isn't real life...that you have to realize life is out there and it isn't on the computer. but from my viewpoint, it is amazing. i don't live near my family and most of my friends. sure, i have a few friends that i would pick up the phone and call where i live now but i can count those on less than one hand. people who are my past, who made me who i am today, don't live anywhere me. it is great to know them can be as personal/private or as public as you want. you are in control of who sees what you say.

and you ultimately are in control of what you type into your profile or on someone's wall. so who are you to complain? if you don't like it, don't participate.

back to my friend. his wife, whom i have met and very much like, is trying to get a group together. we had our reunion this summer and too many of us said, why don't we see each other more often? so there she is....T is planning the get together. it so happens to be over the weekend of my birthday, too. and since my daughter was born, the day before my birthday, my day has sorta lost it's zip. if i get a cake, it is miracle. unless i bake it myself or my Mom is in town and let's face it...even after we are grown ups, isn't it still nice to be recognized on our special day? so this year, i am doing something i want to do....go home and be with my friends. go out without my kids (sorry kids!) and with people my own age. share a beer and many many laughs.

i am so looking forward to this time with old friends. and to be honest? facebook has played a part of getting all of us connected again. the miracle of technology. i love technology.


iteach7 said...

Hey...I posted about facebook also. It's crazy, isn't it?????

iteach7 said...

I forgot something else I wanted to say...Have a great birthday weekend....It sounds like great fun. I remember celebrating your birthday in college--do you still have your gift? That was soooo funny!!!! Great times--I miss them a lot, but think of you often....I think I'm going to scan a picture I have and post it on my blog...Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do!