Tuesday, March 10, 2009


it's been a few days. I have been busy working! the life of a sub isn't always predictable. but when you are working pretty much everyday, it can be tiring..esp when you aren't used to it.

has anyone else started to watch the apprentice? I watched it a few seasons ago and really enjoyed the celebrity one..this one, too, is a celebrity one. it has been interesting and it has only been two weeks.

isn't if funny how sometimes things can change in an instant? I don't mean car accidents, or other life altering things that happen...but rather a chance "something" that over time, change your life? this could be a job that fell upon you, or someone you meet in the store. it is funny how sometimes you don't even realize it until it smacks you in the face. and by then, you don't even know how much it means to you ~ only that it is important.

that is how I feel about some things. like my job....


Mom of Three said...

Sometimes, you confuse me.

that girl said...

not the point but sometimes i just can't write what i want bc then others look too much into it.

life! my job...who would have thought when I started how much my job would mean to me?

one example.

Steph said...

so true

Teena in Toronto said...

I've been enjoying "The Apprentice". Who do you think is going to win?

Happy blogoversary!

lady b said...

Sometimes it's so easy to read into what people write.