Tuesday, February 24, 2009

you know,

the blog world can be hard to understand sometimes. I mean, I write here, in a place to get it all out, if you will. it is great to vent and put your thoughts into written words. but then again, sometimes, it is hard to put what I am feeling for the fear of uncertain reactions. now, don't get me wrong..talking about your life and helping others to figure it out is great. but I have written in the past about things and it has come back to bite me.

sometimes I write in a very round about way, so that I am not just coming right out and saying it. this isn't a private blog..any old stranger can happen upon it by mere chance. but sometimes I just need someone to talk to!

and sometimes, it just happens to be this blog on this internet.

I still feel at a cross roads with my life. still unsure of the future. some of you may say, how can anyone be certain of their future? I still feel like something is missing. something deep deep inside of me that one, I can't definitely say what it is and two, how to feel better either about the lack of it or how to fill the missing part.

many people say to love what you have and not what you want. what if you love what you have but still feel like it's missing? and don't really know what you want?


lady b said...

it's hard to feel like you're in search of something and yet you have no idea what it is you're looking for!? or, if you do have some inkling about what you need and/or want but getting it is too hard, risky, tiring, etc. you just have to be okay with your situation/self at the end of the day! as long as you can see what you have and be happy, then that's all that matters. but if you feel like what you're looking for is holding you back or too all-consuming, then you have to change something in your life.

Pattie said...
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Pattie said...

"There is a God shaped hole inside each of us that only God can fill, and 99% of human pain, misery, stress, alienation, and purposelessness comes from trying to fill that God-shaped hole with something or someone other than God—or trying to ignore, numb, or run away from the pain that comes from leaving it empty." From this website : http://holycomforter.typepad.com/holycomforter/2006/04/the_godshaped_h.html

I have it too.......that missing feeling......searching.......it's the God shaped hole he created in all of us. It can only be filled by him.

By the way, I enjoy your Blog from time to time. I admire your honesty. It's amazing how much you have to say !!!Keep it up...it's good work !!!