Friday, February 06, 2009

ying yang

the other day I was at school to pick up one of my children. both are involved in an after school activity, they just just attend back to back. I was returning to school for the third time that day...drop off in the morning, then pick up oldest at bus stop, take to school, pick up youngest, then return to pick up oldest. so onto the story....

it is always slim pickins for parking at this time...seems no one wants to walk anywhere any more. however, I see the golden spot. right by the door! I drive a van so it isn't some compact car I maneuver around town. regardless, I am an excellent driver. I can parallel park it, too.

with the recent snow, some cleared lots and the such have huge piles of snow, sometimes making the lots and/or parking spots awkward. there are only three spots right by the door...if there is one there, I will try to nab it.

my friend is parked in the spot to the left, another car to the right, leaving the one in the middle open. as I start to pull in, I notice my friend has her back right end right on the line...making the already awkward spots even more awkward. as I pull in with ease, the excellent driver I am, I say out loud, 'geez, S is a ying yang for parking like that.!'

it isn't anything I wouldn't say to her face either. that is just it, my sense of humor I guess. she and I joke about things and laugh and laugh and then realize it was sorta dumb to begin with. sort of like this post

my friend also has a daughter inside in the older student group. so in marches my daughter, finds my friend, and tells her my ying yang comment. nice! we laugh and joke like we do at dumb things and walk outside together. I over exaggerate about not being able to open the doors...then take out my camera which was in the van for anther reason and proceed to document her ying yangness.

thus, the reason behind this post. thanks, friend!!


Steph said...

Hey,I have to do something for you to blog about. Have a good day, Ying Yang

Mom of Three said...

Remind me not to park next to you!

iteach7 said...

I read this when I was in Austin. Before we left on Friday, we were meeting a friend for lunch. There were no parking spaces in the lot because several people were parked like this or worse. I commented to B "These Ying Yangs!" I would never have said that if I hadn't read this. HA HA HA