Friday, February 13, 2009


Thirteen Things about that girl

1.. I was born on a Friday the 13th.

2.. I am a middle child.

3.. I have blue eyes.

4.. I am an emotional person and have been known to cry easily (even at made for TV movies and commercials).

5.. I have OCD.

6.. I miss living near my family.

7.. Along the lines of number six, I wish I could spend more time with friends of mine....both friends I have made here in the OH and ones from my past that I have reconnected with.  

8.. I hate spiders and those things with the million legs..we call them million leggers in our house but I am sure they have some scientific name.

9.. thirteen is my lucky has never bothered me to sit in row 13, be number 13 in line, whatever. to me, it is the best number possible.

10.. I love watching my kids play a sport...I love seeing them do well and recognizing it for themselves and the look of pride on their own faces.

11.. I love that my daughter can be both a tomboy and a very girly girl. she loves dressing up, putting on the play makeup but yet can run with the best of them...getting dirty and sweaty like the boys.

12.. I love that my son is compassionate and can show his emotions, at least to his parents.

13.. I love the sense of pride and fulfillment I feel when I am teaching kids...I am an active member of the elementary PTO and also substitute teach. I am not their "regular" teacher but when I am able to teach them something, I feel great. (maybe I should get the teaching certificate I earned in college renewed and get a classroom of my own!)

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iteach7 said...

Do it! Do It! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! You would be fabulous in the classroom. I so wish you could be the PE teacher at our school. The kids would not be happy with having to actually do something, but would love you.