Friday, January 02, 2009

join the muter

to my readers:

I joined the muter a while first I thought, yeah, another meme. but it has been sort of fun. I have pasted some info about it. go and check it out, follow the links or go here.

you can offer up suggestions for content, too. so for all of you creative people out there, at least pay the muter a visit.

that girl

What is the Muter?
Missions Used to Entertain Readers A.K.A. The Muter is the perfect source for your blog's main need: creative content. Of course your blog has amazing content already, but every once in a while, you just need the icing on the cake. The Muter has a new mission every two weeks, which the members of the Muter must complete on their blog. These missions will not give you content, but instead tell you to write your content in a certain way that makes it entertaining for your readers.

Click here to get started.

The Muter was started by me in June of 2008. It started out good...getting a new member once a week or so. Then one week, none of the members did their missions, and they were removed off the Muter's list. Those were the rules. After two weeks of no members at all, besides my own personal blog, I finally made the decision to shut it down in August. Some of the members emailed me and told me that my site was good, but the rules needed to change. Some emailed me back stating that they didn't want it to close. So in September, I decided to reopen The Muter with a whole new design. And most important, missions are to be accomplished every two weeks, instead of the original one week. I am looking forward to having new members join and to a whole new beginning for the Muter.


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