Monday, December 01, 2008

nervous nelly



my online grad class starts sort of already did. I had to write a bio to break the ice, so to speak. the prof already replied...we have an assignment due tomorrow and lessons plans due both saturday and sunday. research in between and reading,... am i flipping nuts? what was i thinking, taking a class right before the holidays?

i will certainly keep you up to date, that is, unless i am unconscious from delusional tremors from the lack of sleep i am just too busy getting smarter.


Mom of Three said...

Did you read number 22 on my list?

Mom of Three said...

Ok, now read number 32

Jake said...

To All MUTER Members:

As you may have noticed, The Muter has been pretty much MIA the past few weeks. So first, my apologies about that. Currently there is a poll on the Muter that will determine the future format of the blog. It is important to vote. So please do so if you haven't already!

-Jake AKA The Muter

P.S. I'm sure you will do fine! Just don't procrastinate. I've had my fair share of lessons with procrastination.

iteach7 said...

What is the class about? I am sure you will do just fine. Why are you taking this class--other than to get smarter?when your kids are doing their homework you can do yours. Group homework sessions!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You will do just fine in this class. Try not to stress about it which is easier said than done but possible.
Love, Mom