Saturday, December 20, 2008


wow, it has been days. you would think since my class is over that I might have more time to come and actually write something. nope, no sirree. I do want everyone to know that I earned an A, yup, in case you weren't at school when I found out, I earned an A. 97%, in fact.

I mailed off the last of the holiday cards today. k and I will be out tomorrow finishing up the rest of the shopping. we still have four people to buy for...we have lists for two of the four and only need one more thing for one but the fourth? no clue. what do you buy someone who needs nothing?

I came across some great old photos are a few. the first is me with my grandpa.
the second is me with my sister...I am the cute one on the right, maybe three or four. probably four years old.
where did all my blond hair go?...

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Mom of Three said...

I totally see J in the first picture.