Tuesday, October 28, 2008

trick or treat

tonight was trick or treat in our neighborhood. it was F. R. E. E. Z. I. N. G. very, very cold. we stayed out for as long as we could. our friends met us out and they let us walk with them. (thanks, mind of mosgrove!) she took two of these photos and I got two on my cell phone.

oh, yeah, that is me in the red haired wig and my hubby in the scary green face..


Mom of Three said...

We had fun despite the cold!

Sorry for the blurry picture of you and K. It didn't look that bad on my camera screen:(

lady b said...

hey! why did you have trick-or-treating early? why not the 31st?

iteach7 said...

Surprisingly, the red doesn't look bad on you. (When I colored my hair like that a few years ago as an incentive for my kids at school, I LOOKED HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also haven't met anyone that it looks good on, before you!) Glad you didn't freeze too badly.

Anonymous said...

You both look like your wild and crazy selfs!