Sunday, October 05, 2008

most important

as I sit here working on fundraiser stuff for school, I glance up and see the photographs on my screensaver slide show. the first one I see is the one of me and grandma just before I blow out my birthday candles. the house is quiet, some mellow music is coming in from the kitchen playing from my ipod...I see gumma, and boom! here they come again...the tears. the ache in my heart and belly for how much I miss her. two weeks ago my grandma lost her hard and long battle against lung cancer. she was a brave and courageous woman. I love her very much. my daughter brought me her grandma great's scarf...she asked me to wear it because grandma great needed me. out of the mouth of a seven year old...she also asked me for the third or fourth time in the past two weeks if we could buy the same perfume that grandma great wore so she could have the same smell. it breaks my heart yet it makes me happy that my daughter loves her grandma great, my grandma, just as much as I do.

looking at the photos on my screen saver, it says to me one family is the most important thing in the world to me. I have posted some of my favorites...keep in mind this is just a small sampling of all the photos. I suppose it is my way to give anyone who sees my computer idle the opportunity to share my family with me. so for you, those that can't sit in my family room and share a conversation with me, this is for you.

my family. the most important thing to me.


Sherri said...

Awww hang in there....the pain will always be there, BUT it will get easier with time.

iteach7 said...

Seeing all your posted pictures reminds me of your room in college. Everytime I visited, I noticed a new picture of your family. They may not be here physically, and they may not be near you, but they are always there for you. And, so are your friends.

lady b said...

lovely post!