Monday, September 15, 2008

what flavor?

hmm, should I get plain vanilla or chocolate?

it is the question of the day. for you see, tomorrow I will be on the receiving end of all of his frustrations getting a pie in my face from the school principal. we offer up the extra incentive for the students to sell more in our FR...the top seller in each grade will have the chance to cream a staff member in the face with a pie..I was bribed and paid a large sum of money to be the volunteer offered to get one in my face from the principal so the kids know exactly what they will be rewarded with if they are the top seller in each grade.

so, what flavor do I get? chocolate or vanilla?


lady b said...

chocolate tastes better but vanilla is cleaner.

iteach7 said...

Is it pudding???? Unless you wear a black shirt, go with won't stain as bad!

Em said...

I say chocolate, anything for chocolate.

Steph said...

Vanilla is my choice, but you have to admit that was pretty funny watching you get a pie in your face. Thanks for taking one for the team:)