Friday, September 05, 2008

stand up 2 cancer

did anyone watch the program that just aired on all three major networks?


it was also was very sad. I have been touched by grandfather died of bile duct cancer, my grandma is a cancer survivor, another grandma is currently battling lung cancer, my dear friend and neighborhood died of non Hodgkin's lymphoma, another friend is a non Hodgkin's lymphoma college roommate's mom died of breast cancer at the age of 33 when my friend was just 10. who is next?

below is my favorite photo of my grandpap. he loved the water and being outside in the warm sun. he has been gone now for nine years this month. he was a great, great man.

and below is my grandma who is currently battling lung cancer. she is frail but yet a very strong woman. this photo is a few years old and if you saw her now, you would say she has aged. but inside, she is still the awesome gumma she always has and will be.

my grandma who is a cancer survivor will be 85 in november. go, nana! and my friend and neighbor has been gone for two years. she was another grandma to my kids and I miss her.

to everyone who has been touched, there are people out there working for you. I made my donation wasn't huge but it was a donation. every dollar helps.

continue to find strength and courage in the war against cancer. we will win someday!!

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GoteeMan said...

cancer is such a brutal thing, and is no respecter of persons... I have three friends right now who have severe cases... and another friend who just lost both parents within 6 months of each other... very sad...
My thoughts and prayers for your grandma... and your family...

J/ (