Monday, September 01, 2008

the other thing

I have nothing. I have been sort of on a run here with my posts. it is fun to me, to blog, to let others in, to read and see what I am up to. today? did some chores around the house, had my in laws over for a cook out, ate some good food, and then watched the season premiere of prison break. you see? not much. I took one photo of a spider web and it did not turn out.

today is, or rather was, labor day. what is the significance of it anyway? a day off of laboring?
you can go here to read for yourself.

oh the other thing...I got the craziest comment today...I have since deleted it but come on, people, for it to take up that much room? it was a rambling of sorts (I did not read the entire thing) about the election, etc. it referenced religion and had those naughty four letter words in it, esp the one I hate...the "f" word....and of course, it was made anonymously. I have got better things to do than to delete your crap from MY blog!

now off to do better things, like go to sleep. goodnight.


lady b said...

i wonder who'd leave a comment like that? how frustrating!

correspondent reporter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
iteach7 said...

I'm guessing the f-word you are referring to is NOT food! :) I love to mess with the kids in my class when it might help them remember. I tell them they are allowed to say the f-word any time they want. They all stare at me like I'm nuts. I wait just the right amount of time and with the straightest of faces say "Formulas!" They think they can just make up any formula they want or multiply whatever numbers they want when finding area/circumference/perimeter/volume etc. It drives me CRAZY! I also let them use the N-word. Not. They tend to skip over it when reading word problems. So, there you have it. I hope this isn't too long....Happy day!